If you're going to be a part of Lubbock Lemonade Day tomorrow, they have released a few details about the event you might want to know. Especially that it will happen rain or shine.

Yes, even though there's a chance of rain, the big day will go on as planned.

According to the organizers: "Most small businesses face adversity and have to adapt accordingly. One of the main lessons learned in Lemonade Day is success often comes through perseverance and tenacity."

Remember, they want as many of you as possible to have three glasses of lemonade tomorrow. I know that isn't always feasible, but if you at least go out and stop by one or two stands you will positively impact a local child's life.

They also sent along a list of some of the stands they know about so far.

  • Tommy Potts Insurance 74th & University - Pucker Up Lemonade - Anyston & Rayeson & Alba
  • Bybee’s 6917 Indiana - Jaifly’s Lemonade Stand - Jaiden, Arias & Butterfly
  • Walgreens 3404 Indiana – Trista - Gives free hugs
  • Polka Lambro shopping Center Univeristy & Loop 289 – Sour Power Lemonade!!!  - Addison, Aiden, Cassidy, Ganica, Miyah
  • United Express 4th & Milwaukee - Maraya & Jr’s Lemonade Stand - Maraya & Gabriel
  • Community Christian Church 3417 96th Street - Do you Believe - Youth group - will receive a cross
  • Reagor Auto Mall - 6540 82nd Street- Ryder’s Lemonade Stand - Ryder Toman
  • American National Bank - 4206 19th Street C.J. & Cayden - A& B Stand
  • Alderson Elementary 219 Walnut Ave. - Victory & Praise Lemonade stand - Group leader Linda Johnson
  • Rack Room Shoes 5017 Milwaukee - Purple Lemonade & Hot dogs - Zaniya Gaona

Other stands can be found on this map.

Young entrepreneurs are also posting across all social media sites, but primarily the official Lubbock Lemonade Day Facebook page.

I also found this on Facebook:


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