Lubbock Lemonade Day is coming back to town for an annual event that helps children learn valuable skills to run their own business.

The city of Lubbock will be decorated in lemonade stands for one day in efforts to reach a goal of 4,000 youth registered to participate this year.

Lemonade day will be on Saturday, May 14 this year. After signing up, kids will be able to pick up a special backpack at the YWCA. The children are then encouraged to find a mentor and an investor for their business to get the full experience.

Children will also be given an opportunity to put their stand on an online map and create a special website for their stand.

“We believe in what this real life business experience teaches area youth and are proud to step up into this new role," said incoming City Champion Robert Taylor.

Lemonade day provides children an opportunity to see what being an entrepreneur is all about.

Make sure to stop and support your local lemonade stands.

For more information about Lubbock Lemonade Day, visit the official site.

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