A once popular local Lubbock DJ has been sentenced to serve some time in prison. 37-year-old Charles Sanchez, better known in the Hub City as DJ Sancho, was on trial for charges of Indecency with a Child.

Sanchez was originally arrested back in October of 2019 after being accused of touching underage girls inappropriately while their mother was away in November of 2018. KAMC news originally reported that Sanchez had given one girl alcohol before getting into her bed and then touching her inappropriately on her breasts.

Sanchez was re-indicted on November 2022 for those Child Indecency charges before his trial started in February 2023. During that trial Sanchez' defense team stated in their opening statements that the charges were malarkey. Sanchez did admit that he did give alcohol to one of the girls but denied all allegations of touching any of them inappropriately while living with them. Sanchez was found guilty on two counts of Indecency With a Teen Girl and once count of Indecency With a Girl Under the Age of 14 by the jury.

Both lawyers had words to say about the other clients with the victims being stated as being out for blood while Sanchez was described as a good actor. A hearing was held before the sentencing phase could begin where Sanchez’ lawyer motioned for a mistrial due to several jurors being discovered on social media. After those jurors were interviewed about the incident Sanchez received his sentencing of two years in prison along with 10 years probation.

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