Lubbock Community Theatre, aka LCT (3101 35th Street), has staged and performed theater in Lubbock for over 32 years. Over the years they've designed, directed and performed favorites of the stage. There's something for everyone. They've performed everything from Anne of Green Gables to their current offering Chicago. But LCT is more than just entertainment:

Our mission has always been to educate, entertain and empower our community through the performing arts.

A couple of years ago, LCT made a big move to their current 35th Street location, formerly a YWCA building. Their larger campus allows for more community programs, including camps and after school opportunities for kids. LCT's summer camp saw 400 participants, including some neuro-diverse children who had access to special accommodations and special education certified instructors.

Beginning in September, children have the opportunity to participate in LCT's Stages Academy, formerly known as Youth Art Guild. If your child aged 8 to 18 loves the stage, this is a great opportunity for them. But it is also a great opportunity for kids who prefer to work behind-the-scenes or in other aspects of a theatrical production.

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If your child is technically, musically or artistically inclined/interested, there's a place for them. They could do lights, set design or even makeup (my personal favorite). If your child loves to to take the lead, they'd make a great stage manager or director. There's even front of house opportunities for social butterflies. Truly, any child can find a home in the theater.

Here's what the theatre's executive director Heather May told me about the benefits of theater to children:

I truly believe that theatre teaches so much more than performing. It teaches accountability, public speaking, leadership, critical thinking and working together. It encourages creative thinking and help builds empathy for others and their experiences. The arts matter and this is a wonderful way to get to experience it all, visual, performance, music, and design.

Children ages 8-11 meet from 6-8 p.m. on the second Tuesday of every month. Children ages 12-18 meet from 6-8 p.m. on the third Tuesday of every month. All ages come together for performances. Tuition is $60 for the year. For more information, or to reserve your child's spot, head over to Lubbock Community Theatre's official website.

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