Have you ever thought to yourself, "I'd trade my very blood for a taco right now"?

No? Just me?

Well lucky for me (and you too, you know you want free food), when you donate blood the week of March 13th- 17th, United Blood Services will give you free food vouchers to the Lubbock Food Truck Alliance's Food Truck Festival, which is March 18th from noon until 6p.

United Blood Center is located at 2523 48th Street and the Food Festival will be held in their parking lot on Saturday. Additionally, there will be door prizes (one is particularly high-value) that attendees could possibly win!

Blood donation is one of my very favorite things to do. I know that I'm saving a life every time I donate, so I go as often as I can, and there's always awesome perks for donating too. Your time is valuable, so let me suggest that you schedule an appointment in advance and that you complete a Fast Track before you go- it saves a ton of time.

For information and to let them know you are going to get you food truck on, hop over to their Facebook Event Page.

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