Vizo's African Bar & Grill has announced that their reopening date is soon... very soon. Previously located at 4930 South Loop 289, Vizo's will reopen at their new location this coming Monday, August 15th, according to a post on their Facebook page:

Vizo's originally opened in Lubbock back in 2019.  Vizo's was the only African eatery in Lubbock and I'm glad they are opening back up to bring the cuisine back to Lubbockites.

Vizo's new location is at at 3131 34th St., the former location of Crafthouse Gastropub (now permanently closed). Frost Brewhouse is set to open next door, "hopefully around the beginning of next year", according to a comment on their Facebook page.

Vizo's was critically acclaimed, making the Forbes Top 100 List because of their excellent reviews.

I am straight up ashamed to admit that I never had the chance to try Vizo's in their original location. And I'm relieved that I'll be able to redeem myself soon. A friend I trust completely put it this way:

Lubbock, you have a delicious gem and most of you haven’t even checked it out. Best authentic African cuisine I’ve had with great atmosphere and staff in the times I’ve been a customer. 😊 They even will show you the traditional ways to eat certain dishes on the menu if you ask.

Vizo's already has their menu online. The menu is diverse and has tons of interesting items to try. I'm already mentally building my first meal there. I believe I'll have the Shawarma, the Savanna Sea Pride, Achombo, Dodo, Fufu, Nana's cake, and, and, and...

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