South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (3308 95th St) works tirelessly to help injured or sick wildlife in the Lubbock area. Recently, a good Samaritan brought in a momma opossum she spotted in the dumpster. "Mother Virginia" had a neck laceration that SPWRC was able to stitch up. Thanks to their efforts, momma and babies are now safe.

Let's talk opossums real quick- I know that coming across a large one on your evening run is pretty terrifying (I did a silent, inward scream)- but these animals are almost always harmless to humans. They are tick eating machines though- they eat around 5000 in a season. Meaning if you are luckily enough to have one around your yard- your risk of you or your animals getting painful, unpleasant and difficult to cure Lyme disease is greatly diminished.

Additionally, they are the only naive North American marsupial- how cool is that?

Believe it or not, Lubbock is home to a wide variety of wild life that is both beautiful, adorable- and vital to our ecosystem. For example- those painfully precious burrowing owls keep rodent populations under control. And they are so cute I can't stand it.

Want to help? Contact them about volunteer opportunities and of course, cash is always needed- you can donate easily via Paypal.


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