Savers, the largest thrift store in Lubbock is set to close for good Monday, March 13th.

I spoke to an employee who was unaware (or could not disclose) why the thrift store is going out of business. However, the retailer is closing five Chicago stores by April 17th and all its Colorado stores on the same day the Lubbock location will close. Clearly, this is corporate-level downsizing of the entire company.

The good news for shoppers is that there will be a closing sale -- 50 percent off starting this Saturday through Monday when the store closes for good.

One of my first jobs was at the Lubbock Savers. I was 17 and had a blue mohawk. I developed an abnormally large trapezius muscle on one side from constantly hanging and rehanging heavy old lady sweaters. Let's just say I've had better jobs since.

Still want to get your thrift on after Savers closes? Don't worry, you still have a ton of great options.

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