Someone was in a cranky mood the other day and her name is Lady Gaga. She was so irritated by the paparazzi that she offered a two-finger salute.

Mama Monster arrived at LAX on July 9, presumably from Australia, which is a really loooooong flight that could yank the sun out of anyone’s sky! She performed Sunday night (more on that in a sec) before heading back to the U.S. for a pitstop, and wasn’t in any mood to deal with the paparazzi and their invasive flashbulbs.

Photos of Gaga “dressed” top to toe in black, wearing little more than a black leather jacket (in July!!), panties, pantyhose, boots, sunglasses and a bra. She’s been known to rock the bedroom attire in public and she was showing it off at the Los Angeles airport.

When the paparazzi began to trail her, she flashed a two handed salute, blasting them with the finger with both of her paws. She looked like she was trying to conceal herself a bit with her mane of platinum blonde hair, but to little avail. Gaga is usually super warm and inviting, so to see her this ornery is a rare occurrence.

She escaped to safety in her ride, but looked like she woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Can we say “Not in the mood?” Even Mother Monsters can have bad days. We forgive her.

In good Gaga news, she performed for 200,000 Aussies in one month! Wow, that’s a lot of people Down Under, but Gaga saw 200,000 faces and she rocked ‘em all. This is another milestone for the Born This Way Ball, which has been fraught with protests and drama, with people hoping to pray Gaga away. But she won’t be stopped. You can close her out of the Cherry Bar for her after party, but you cannot stop the love.

Below is her tweet, complete with her strange yet sexy latex outfit from the stage show.

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