Miley Cyrus is living up to her party girl persona once more. Now, instead of a penis-shaped birthday cake, she’s singing to drag queens!

TMZ reports that Cyrus was on hand to serenade drag queen Vicky Vox for Vox’s birthday. Joining the former ‘Hannah Montana’ starlet were a load of revelers … and ‘Sesame Street’ characters! Cyrus took the mic during the festivities to sing an R-rated ‘Happy Birthday’ to Vox, crooning, “Happy birthday to Vicky Vox, with those big ole big t—-es … happy birthday, Vicky Vox.”

Sounds like MiCy is taking a cue from fellow drag enthusiast Kesha, whose track ‘Pretty Lady‘ celebrates dudes who look — and dress — like ladies. The sexy serenade followed Cyrus’ 4th of July celebration, in which she was decked out in all-American garb, from her headband to her denim top.

No word on whether salvia or medicinal marijuana were on hand at the soiree, but seeing as Miles just can’t be tamed, we wouldn’t put it past her. We just can’t help but wonder what Vicky’s birthday cake was shaped like.

Watch Miley Cyrus Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Vicky Vox

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