Kliff Kingsbury has left Lubbock behind and moved to sunny southern California.

The former Texas Tech head coach is now USC's offensive coordinator. And while his new office may currently be a little sparse, his plans for the Trojans' offense next season are anything but.

Kingsbury appeared in a sort of 'welcome to USC' video that the Trojans' official Twitter account posted Friday.


"I've always had a fascination with this program -- the pageantry, the history, the great players, and I just know there's a lot of talent out here on this squad," Kingsbury said.

Kingsbury clearly appears comfortable with the move in the video, calling it "a great opportunity."

And then he said something that surprised many Trojans fans -- and probably more than a few folks in Lubbock still following him.

"I think there's a misconception we're just gonna throw it around and air it out. Well, we're gonna run the ball and be physical and try to make as many first downs and score as many points as possible, and really do whatever it takes to win," Kingsbury said.

Lubbock started seeing a more run-heavy offense from Texas Tech in 2018, but near the midway point of the season, Kingsbury shifted gears into his bread and butter: the air raid.

Kingsbury left Texas Tech to no small amount of heartfelt support from players and fans alike. He even left a powerful message for the school on his way out.

Videos from Kliff Kingsbury's final season at Texas Tech

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