Patrick Mahomes played the Cardinals in 2018, but his college coach was still at Texas Tech for that game. Over the next few months, Patrick Mahomes would win NFL MVP and play in his first AFC Championship game. Kingsbury would be fired from his alma mater and land in the NFL with the Arizona Cardinals.

Under Mahomes' quarterbacking, the Kansas City Chiefs have ended their seasons in the Super Bowl or the AFC Championship game. That's a streak that runs back to 2018 and includes two Super Bowl appearances and a Super Bowl Championship.

Kingsbury took over the Cardinals in 2019 and has improved their record each year. They were one of the best teams in the NFL through the first 10 weeks of the NFL last year, but fell off late.

The offseason was a bit tumultuous for both Kingsbury and Mahomes for different reasons.

Kingsbury's organization resigned their starting quarterback, but added a clause that he actually had to study this season. That made the rest of camp and the preseason kind of awkward.

Mahomes' number one deep threat left the team in free agency after they didn't make him the highest-paid receiver in the league. Then, Tyreek Hill took shots at the team and his quarterback all offseason.

The pair met in week one of the NFL season and Mahomes proved he didn't need Hill to be successful, and the Cardinals proved Kyler Murray isn't a franchise quarterback.

Mahomes and the Chiefs beat the Cardinals 44-21. The former NFL MVP threw for 360 yards and 5 touchdowns in the massacre.

As I was watching the game, the broadcast crew mentioned Texas Tech several times and that got me thinking. Are their any other times this NFL season where Red Raiders play each other? There darn sure are. There's one every single week this NFL season. Some of them are just with teams that are represented by Red Raiders on the IR or practice squad, however.

Here they are:

Patrick Mahomes vs Kliff Kingsbury and 17 other Red Raider vs Red Raider NFL Games

Here's a Red Raider matchup for every single week this season.

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