Kliff Kingsbury missed the window as head coach at Texas Tech of dealing with players complaining about their ratings in the NCAA franchise. It hasn't dropped since his rookie season as the head man, and I don't think the roster was incredibly accurate anyways. That's not the case now that Kingsbury is in the NFL.

Unlike the NCAA franchise, Madden hasn't gone under and is still kicking out yearly updates. The newest Madden joint drops this week with Kingsbury's former protege Patrick Mahomes as the cover boy.

Kingsbury said during a training camp availability this week that when the ratings first came out, he was telling guys not to be in their feelings about the ratings if they thought they were low.

Then, Kingsbury saw himself in the game and changed his tune.

"I want to get adjusted on looks rating" Kingsbury joked. "I look like I'm on The Walking Dead."

No word on if Kingsbury meant he looked like a zombie, or that he looked like he'd been living off canned food and puddle baths for nine seasons.

The good news about being an NFL head coach is that people are always listening. The folks at EA Sports, the Madden game's producers, have heard Kingsbury's call and promised to add "10% more Gosling" to Kingsbury's 'looks' rating.

I'll be honest, that side-by-side is not only mildly creepy, but it's also a dead ringer. Throw some frogskin sunglasses on him and you couldn't even tell it was computer-generated.

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