When picking plants for your garden or in your home, it is important to understand what plants are safe, and what plants are not safe to keep if you have pets.  

There are many plants that can be toxic, or even poisonous, for your pet to ingest. This can lead to your pet getting sick, needing to go to the vet for treatment, or worse. So, be sure to research what plants you can safely keep around cats and dogs.  

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It is also helpful to be able to Identify hazardous plants in case you come across them on a walk, or at another person’s home. This way, if your dog does ingest a toxic or poisonous plant, you understand the next steps to take.  

If you suspect that your pet has eaten a non-safe plant, be sure to stop them from eating any more, note the time they ate the plant, note what the plant was and how much they might’ve consumed, and contact your veterinarian or an emergency clinic as soon as possible. This way the vet can treat your pet and help avoid any major complications.  

If you want to avoid that whole situation in the first place, take a look at this list of pet safe, toxic, and poisonous plants. 

Examples of Pet Safe, Toxic, and Poisonous Plants

These are examples of plants that are pet safe, toxic, and poisonous if ingested. It is not a complete list of every safe and non-safe plant.

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