This one I post only for my youngstas' out there that cannot get enough of their favorite boy JB.

Justin actually caused a lot of silly outrage this weekend by Tweeting a picture of himself pointing a gun at a guy. Settle down it was not a real gun. What happened was that Justin was visiting the set of girlfriend Selena Gomez's new movie "Feed the Dog" and he and Selena had their pictures taken with the father of one of the other actors. Justin was holding a prop gun from the movie, and for some reason, he decided to point it at the guy for the picture.

People on Twitter freaked, because he's setting a bad example, especially in the wake of the Colorado movie theater shootings. Give me a break. How does one have anything to do with the other? Ridiculous!

Now for my girls out there Justin got a tattoo of a crown on his collarbone. I find it interesting that he got the tat right around the time of the "Bad 25" celebration for Michael Jackson. The logo of the "Bad 25" celebration had a small crown in it and I wonder if the crown on JB has some kind of "King of Pop" meaning.

Check it out:


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