If you've ever thought about getting fit or are already doing it, there are things about fitness you probably don't know that you don't know. I'm here to help with some very knowledgeable friends.

I started my fitness journey in February. Thankfully, I found a very smart and dedicated personal trainer named Courtney Wofford at Premiere Sportsplex. She has gotten me into a shape I wasn't sure I would ever be: man-shape. I have muscles I've only seen in movies before.

She, along with Gary, the owner of Powerhouse Nutrition, are going to help me make videos documenting my journey into fitness. And we'll share them with you so you can have the knowledge you need before you ever start.

All three of us got together recently to make some educational videos that I'll be posting here regularly. Plus, there's a really cool event coming up April 30 and May 1 sponsored by Powerhouse Nutrition that will really help you educate yourself about training, supplements, and fitness in general.

The 2016 Supplement And Training Expo will feature three-time Mr. Universe Calum Von Moger and Karina Lisenbee, two giants in the fitness industry and leaders in their craft. Plus, these two will be live at the store for an autograph session.

So let's get started with one of the first places you'll want to start your fitness journey, a supplement and nutrition store like  Powerhouse Nutrition. Why? Because pre-workouts, protein supplements, and all kinds of other things will greatly help you get fitter, faster.

Watch the video above and check back often for more.

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