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A lot of people will be looking to the sky on October 14 during the Annular Eclipse and that is why Texas Tech Physicians are warning people ahead of time to take precautions and don't just stare at the sun. Even during an eclipse.

The annular eclipse that will happen in October is an eclipse where the moon passes in front of the sun leaving a ring of sunlight visible. While some may think it is safe to look up and stare during this event, the ring of light is actually very bright and experts say that light could still damage reading and driving vision. According to a press release from Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, there is a significant chance of eye injury during an eclipse.

Mitchell said that looking at an eclipse with unprotected eyes can cause serious and permanent damage to the retina, the light sensitive tissue at the back of the eye. “If you were looking long enough at the sun or an eclipse and then you notice a lingering distortion of your central vision, you could be diagnosed with the disease known as solar retinopathy,” Mitchell said. “There is no effective treatment for that and you would be left with a permanent and potentially significant loss of your central vision.”

So how can you safely view the annular eclipse? Experts suggest using eclipse glasses or a solar filter which would meet the ISO 12312-2 standard. According to the press release, they recommend buying from a reputable seller and that they are in good condition.

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