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The Lubbock County Republican Party on Monday released the names of candidates who filed for the party primary on March 5th. The candidate filings that were released were for offices within Lubbock County only. Chairman Cole Shooter released the candidate list following the 6:00 p.m. deadline for candidate filings.

In a press release, Shooter noted that for multi-county offices such as State Representative for District 83 and the 72nd District Court, candidates for those offices file with the Republican Party of Texas in Austin. Those candidate filings were not released by the local Lubbock County Republican Party.

According to the Secretary of State's website, Representative Dustin Burrows did file for reelection for House District 83. He will be challenged by Wade Cowan who also filed his paperwork last week. Judge John Grace of the 72nd District Court also filed for reelection according to the site.

In Lubbock County, the following candidates filed for the March 5, 2024 Lubbock County Republican Party Primary.

Candidates are listed in the order in which they filed.
Texas House District 84 State Representative – Carl H. Tepper (incumbent)
99th District Court – Phillip Hays (incumbent)
140th District Court – Douglas Freitag (incumbent)
Sheriff – Kelly S. Rowe (incumbent)
County Tax Assessor-Collector – Ronnie Keister (incumbent)
Lubbock County Commissioner, Precinct One – Mike Dalby, Terence Kovar (incumbent)
Lubbock County Commissioner, Precinct Three – Mary Hernandez, Cary Shaw
Lubbock County Constable, Precinct One – Paul Hanna (incumbent)
Lubbock County Constable, Precinct Two – Jody A. Barnes (incumbent)
Lubbock County Constable, Precinct Three – Joe Sanchez
Lubbock County Constable, Precinct Four – Joe Pinson (incumbent), Michael Hobson
Lubbock County Republican Party Chairman – David Bruegel
Lubbock County Republican Party Precinct Chair Applications:
Precinct 2 – James Baxa, Pat Kelly (incumbent)
Precinct 4 – Robert D. (Bob) Rogers
Precinct 8 – Roger Quannah Settler (incumbent)
Precinct 9 – Maura Crawford (incumbent)
Precinct 10 – Matt Crow (incumbent)
Precinct 15 – Kay Harris (incumbent)
Precinct 17 – Dwight Finckbone (incumbent), Sally Arendell
Precinct 22 – Jane Elizabeth Anderson (incumbent)
Precinct 24 – Isabel Pratt
Precinct 27 – Gulrez “Gus” Khan (incumbent)
Precinct 28 – Deanne Clark (incumbent)
Precinct 29 – Adria Kitten (incumbent)
Precinct 31 – Brandon Helton, David Acuff (incumbent)
Precinct 32 – Chase Stewart
Precinct 33 – Tricia Hays (incumbent)
Precinct 39 – Jonathan Meyer
Precinct 46 – Lisa Cox
Precinct 47 – Mikel Ward (incumbent)
Precinct 54 – Laquita Carthel
Precinct 56 – Adelle VanOstrand
Precinct 60 – Brad James (incumbent)
Precinct 62 – Ken Corbin (incumbent)
Precinct 66 – Skeet Workman (deceased, incumbent), Ricky Wilks, Judy Farrell
Precinct 75 – Jan Powell (incumbent)
Precinct 78 – Keri Thomas
Precinct 92 – Janice Richards (incumbent)
Precinct 102 – Renee Burgett
Precinct 104 – Melissa R. Chamales (incumbent)
Precinct 109 – Jon Bruegel (incumbent)
Precinct 110 – Cindy Williams (incumbent)
Precinct 112 – Jane Cansino
Precinct 118 – Anah Menjares (incumbent)
Precinct 120 – L. Scott Mann
Precinct 121 – Jill Grace (incumbent)
Precinct 123 – Mary Ann Bridges (incumbent)
Precinct 125 – Gayle Robertson (incumbent)
Precinct 126 – Latricia Timmons Page
Precinct 127 – Donita Clark (incumbent)
Precinct 128 – Steve Evans (incumbent)
Precinct 129 – Rob Snyder (incumbent)
Precinct 135 – Kenneth Wayne Chaffin (incumbent)
Precinct 138 – Dorothy J. Price (incumbent)
Precinct 139 – Betsy Bloechl (incumbent)
Precinct 141 – Amber Sanders (incumbent)
Precinct 151 – Chad Hasty
Precinct 155 – Lynda Hogue (incumbent)

Statewide races file with the Republican Party of Texas in Austin.

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