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In the end, the number one ranked, most talked about, all-around consensus pick to win the National Championship, Georgia Bulldogs were even more to handle than what TCU or the pundits had predicted.

The Georgia Bulldogs defeated TCU 65-7 on Monday night in Los Angeles. It was the biggest blowout in the both the College Football Playoff era or the BCS era. And, not to sound mean, but the score 65-7 makes the game sound a little closer than it was.

Sorry TCU. It was a magical season and I wish the game would have actually been closer and more competitive. But this game was ugly. As the Dallas Morning News pointed out, this game was worse than the 2004 USC/OU game.

It was the biggest blowout in the BCS/CFP era. The biggest previous margin was USC’s 55-19 takedown of Oklahoma to end the 2004 season.

“Anybody that saw that could see that we certainly didn’t play our best,” first-year coach Sonny Dykes said. “You’ve got to give Georgia a ton of credit. Those guys came out and played exceptionally well.”

TCU (13-2), seeking its first national title since 1938, still had its dream season, one that fans and alumni will talk about for decades. They’ll talk about first-year coach Dykes and the special season of quarterback Max Duggan and all those against-all-odds comebacks.

For Georgia, they become the first team to win back to back national championships since Alabama did it in 2011 and 2012. They also remain the top program in college football.

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