Ever have the urge to get a snack from your childhood?

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Let's face it, growing up sucks. Remember being able to eat absolute junk all day as a kid and not feel bad about it? Those were the days. Sadly, we all grow up and have to start eating right. You can't eat chicken tenders every day. (Even though I know some of you still do). Well a new survey came out from Coventry Direct which shows which snack we're craving the most.

How Did They Come Up With This?

To determine the most popular nostalgic snack in each state, they compiled a list of 28 snacks that Delish, Eat This, and Buzzfeed deemed nostalgic. Then they analyzed the search volume data of the snacks from 2004 to 2024 using Google Trends. Here is what they came up with for Texas.

Texas Craves Capri Sun?!

Sports Illustrated Kids and Capri Sun Team Up to Celebrate Being Active in Hopkinsville, KY
Getty Images for Sports Illustra

Yeah according to the survey Capri Sun is what Texans are looking up the most. I would only drink Capri Sun because it was the drink which always came with Lunchables. Which seeing Lunchables was an actual option, that is probably what I would have picked.

Oklahoma Loves Ring Pops

Pop/Rock Sensation R5 And Ring Pop Premiere #RockThatRock Music Video At Gramercy Theatre
Cindy Ord

Let's not leave out our neighbors to the North. Apparently Oklahoma is craving the classic lollipop that is also jewelry. In fact, this was the number one option in the country. Nine states in total said Ring Pop was their favorite. Check out the full map below and let me know what your favorite 90's snack is.

Most Popular Nostalgia Snacks in the Country Below

Map from Coventry Direct
Map from Coventry Direct

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