ABC News reported that there could be a shortage of the condiments Texans love to put on basically everything. Can you guess the sauce I'm talking about? We pretty much drink it around here. This could be a big problem, y'all.

A recent cyber attack led to "wide-scale disruptions" within the Clorox company, which just happens to make...Hidden Valley Ranch...dun dun dunnnnn!


There is a real possibility of delays and shortages while Clorox works hard to get everything back in order, so if you've been searching for Hidden Valley Ranch high and low, this might be why.

The universe must really hate us all. First, the best Sriracha disappears...and now the best ranch? God only knows how we will get through this.

A TikToker noticed the shortage while shopping at a Target recently and her video went viral. It's clear from the comment section alone that we just cannot live without Hidden Vallery Ranch. The off-brands will NOT do. Check out her video below:

Luckily, I've got a stockpile of it at my house. I wish I could say the same for my beloved Sriracha. Things have been pretty rough lately.

Have you noticed Hidden Valley Ranch missing from the store shelves in Texas? I'm very curious! If you've got any pictures of empty Texas shelves, I'd love to see them. Feel free to email me at

My best suggestion is to learn how to make it yourself. Homemade is definitely better than the cheap stuff at the store.

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