The old heads in Lubbock have had a week.

Image by SKARD band from Pixabay
Image by SKARD band from Pixabay

Things Change

It was a rough week for old-school Lubbock this past week. First, pictures of the Godbold being torn down started being passed around. Seeing this historic place reduced to rubble was heartbreaking, but no one could ever really figure out what to do with it. Then someone sounded the alarm on Lubbock music, and it was time for everyone to shed a tear in their beer.

Gone, Not Gone

Someone sounded the trumpet that the "Original Sunday Night Jam"  was canceled. Immediately everyone passed around the news that this "iconic" night, that few attended anymore was going the way of the dodo bird and that the band was looking for a new place to continue the tradition. Well, it was announced shortly after that it was the band that was canceled to bring some fresh faces in (which, if I remember correctly, was how things were originally done).

Let's Dig In

I'm not a great musical historian, but it seems to me that the "original" jam nights were probably held at Stubb's BBQ or the Cotton Club. , I always preferred the more punky and welcoming open jam at Main Street Saloon (just a musical preference, nothing against the other clubs).  I'm sure there were many others as well. In the end, I don't think it matters who had it first, what matters if it's a smart business choice for the owners and it was time for them to move on. Frankly, I would think having a new band every month might build the place better than the outdated concept of a "house band". Also is it "the Orginal Jam Night" when the place's name and owners have changed?

Going Deeper

Jam nights used to be the best place for a "musical coming out" and/or mixing it up with others in the scene. Anyone from back in the day would tell you that you'd have to hit a few jam nights to get booked anywhere.  These days you can record videos, or albums almost as good as anything on the radio to show your prowess. There is also the fragmentation of music. I'm not sure what they play at jam nights anymore, but I doubt it's my favorite songs.

It's Necessary

I am personally not a fan of "Dead Men's Baggage". I don't think traditions should be kept alive just for tradition's sake. If Lubbock wants to support this kind of thing, then the absolute correct thing to do is infuse it with new blood and see if it takes off. The absolute wrong thing to do is to hate on the business owners because they're trying to pay the bills. I hope everyone in this situation comes out on top. Change is sometimes necessary and it is always inevitable.

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