I'm not an LP&L hater, but this needs to happen.

There are talks underway for Lubbock to open up the market for electric competition. What I'd like to say right off the top is, if nothing else, people will find out that LP&L may still be the best choice. After all, if you have a problem with LP&L, then you have some local folks to help you out. I don't know who you're going to call when another provider goes down.

I find the topic of electrical competition a little weird because it's not like anyone comes to your house and changes out wires. I believe it more has to do with who contributes X amount of power into the grid for your usage and/or takes care of the clerical part of your service.

I like this power competition to what we have going on with cable. A lot of people like to complain about cable...until they try something else. Then, the cable-cutters find out they can't get the shows they want and they don't like dealing with multiple bills, far-away providers and all of that.

I would anticipate a lot of people would immediately switch from LP&L, but if they can survive there will be a lot of people who will migrate right back. My only concern would be that the impact of losing a lot of business at one time might mean a loss of jobs locally, which might make it even harder to provide a quality service when folks return.

If I was LP&L, I would come right out and say, "We stand for freedom of choice, and we're committed to proving we're the best choice."

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