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The Lubbock City Council and the Electric Utility Board have approved an agreement for early termination of LP&L's contract with Southwestern Public Service.

This 25-year contract tied Lubbock to the Southwest Power Pool, and now instead of ending in 2044, the contract will be up in May of 2023. LP&L says that this was the last hurdle to migrate 100% of its customers to ERCOT, as only 70% would be migrated over Memorial Day weekend.

KAMC News reports that the contract, which began in 2019, was costing LP&L over $17 million each year, and to buy it out, they will have to pay SPS $77.5 million in May 2023. Until then, however, the 2 companies will remain in partnership.

LP&L and Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope are calling this decision a milestone and a noteworthy step towards bringing retail electric competition back to Lubbock.

As stated before, 70% of LP&L customers will be transitioned over to the ERCOT power grid over Memorial Day weekend. Before it happens, you can check lpandl.com.ercot to see when you should expect your planned outage. All you have to do is enter your meter number, which can be found on your City of Lubbock Utilities statement.

Each outage is expected to last around 30 minutes. You can click the link here to see LP&L's outage map.

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