Is there anything better than a perfect margarita on a warm day like today? Here are some suggestions on great places to get your lime tequila salt swerve on.


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    La Sirena

    2610 Salem Ave

    If you are looking for a truly crafted cocktail, La Sirena is the best spot in town. With a wide array of specialty tequilas, there's no better place to sample the best. Their house margarita is perfectly balanced flavors- crisp and lovely. And get there during happy hour (4p-6) for a great deal on that and their famous Mermaid Water.

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    Fuzzy's Taco Shop

    2102 Broadway

    Fuzzy's is a great place to get some sunshine (or some moonlight) -- sit on the dog-friendly porch and sample their traditional and fruit-infused margaritas.

  • 3


    2417 Broadway

    Packed and ALWAYS a party-  Chimy's is lively and the margaritas are like throwing jet-fuel on to your party. They do have top-shelf and specialty margaritas but its their legendary powerful house margaritas that will change the course of your evening.

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    2211 Avenue Q

    Jalisco's is a Lubbock institution for a number of reasons (especially for the incredible food) but the margaritas bring back many happy memories for me. In my early 20s my friends and I would roll up 20 deep and take over the back room and down countless delicious rocks margaritas.

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    The Plaza

    5029 Milwaukee Ave

    A new Amarillo import, The Plaza has several specialty margaritas like the Herra Dura Tequila Margarita and La Patrona Margarita- with Patron, of course.

  • 6

    The Library Bar

    1701 Texas Ave

    The Library Bar is celebrating this important holiday by knocking a buck off of their signature frozen margarita that is made with pure agave tequila (which will help you avoid an awful tequila hangover)


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