Of course the question "Is Texas a Good State for Working Moms" is a subjective one, and compared to many parts of the world I'm treated like absolute royalty as a working mom, and even being allowed to work is a privilege. Gratefulness and perspective aside, is this state friendly to ladies like me?

According to WalletHub, Texas is pretty low on the list of states that are friendly to working moms. I think the data is interesting to look at since they use multiple metrics in their ranking process. Overall, Texas ranks 33 out of 51 (they included Washington D.C. as it's own "state").

The good news is that Texas scored high on Child Care related metrics, meaning we have quality and affordable day care systems.

The bad news is that Texas is #49- nearly dead last in Work/Life Balance related metrics, meaning dismal commute times, parental leave and hours per week worked. Texas also did poorly in the Opportunity based metrics, ranking #47 in the female executive to male executive ratio. There's a glass ceiling and it's pretty low

Basically, it boils down to this- there's a glass ceiling and it's pretty low and you are going to work really hard and long to get there. But hey, at least your kid has a nice daycare!

Of course, the only solution is to keep fighting for what you deserve and what you want. Keep that resume updated and seek the best opportunities you can find. If you want a powerful, high-paying position, then seek it relentlessly. If you want a job that lets you have plenty of time off with the kids, be sure to demand it and being willing to switch jobs if need be. Do what works for you, and don't let anyone hold you back.

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