If you're single, you probably already hate me for bringing the topic up, but 'tis the season- for engagements, meeting the family and all of that other mushy couple's garbage. If you're single and happy in Lubbock that's great, but what if you're looking for a partner? Is Lubbock a good place to find "the one"?

 Wallethub.com ran all the metrics- 32 different metrics to be exact- to attempt to quantify this question. Everything from Nightlife Locations to Number of Active Tinder users was given a numerical value and everything averaged out- in Lubbock's case- to almost as average as can be. Out of 183 cities, Lubbock ranked 83, so a little better than the median. And incidentally MUCH better than our neighbor to the north: Amarillo ranked at a dismal #160. Ouch.

Of course numbers can never account for actual lived experience, which is why I informally polled my friends on the topic. They almost unanimously said that Lubbock is TERRIBLE for dating, here is some of their reasoning:

There isn't anywhere to meet up unless you love bars:

There isn't a lot to do here and it seems like people mostly end up meeting in bars and bonding over alcohol. - Holly


The gay community here has slim pickings for decent dating partners, especially if you don't go to stereotypical gay bars. - John

There's too much, umm, common interests here:

The sexitime pool is shallow - too many "been there done that's" from my friends. -Lan


There is a few groups where people just sleep with EVERYONE. -Callie

Additionally, several people mentioned the abnormally high STD rate and the homogeneous culture that can arise from living in a college town. Many of my friends, and myself, imported our significant others from another town. Where'd I get mine? Why #160 Amarillo, of course.



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