As someone who is a parent, there's NO WAY in heck I'm going to tell you how to raise your kid(s). I would like to make a suggestion though.

When your child asks to have their ears pierced, consider taking them to a professional shop, not some place in the mall. There's so many reasons why this is a more hygienic and healthy choice:

A professional shop uses a needle, not a gun. But why does that matter? First, a needle has been autoclaved, that is, sterilized in a high heat, high pressure environment. The needle remains inside sealed, sanitary packaging until it is removed by a professional piecer who has washed their hands and is wearing gloves. The clamps used are also autoclaved in the same manner each time they are used. That is hospital-like procedure.

When a gun is used in a jewelry store, the gun itself is covered in microbes- it cannot be effectively cleaned in any meaningful way- just rubbed in alcohol. The jewelry should be in an unopened, sealed package; however, there is simply no guarantee that the jewelry won't be exposed to the uncleanliness of the gun- which could have all manner of yucky on it, such as Hepatitis or other infections.

Additionally, needles cut through flesh; whereas a gun uses force to punch jewelry through. A needle is less painful and heals more cleanly. Think of it this way- would you rather a surgeon use a scalpel or a bread knife to cut you open? Exactly.

A professional shop uses professional piercers, not hourly retail employees. A professional piercer has undergone extensive training in an apprenticeship process to learn effective techniques for both aesthetic and sanitary reasons. Professional shops must be licensed as such and are inspected by the state.  If a mall employee does a terrible piercing, they may lose a minimum wage job- if a professional piercer does a bad job, their whole career and reputation are on the line.

The jewelry is usually better for the healing process. I remembering getting my ears pierced at the mall as a little kid. I remember the gunky yucky mess that my stud earnings held into my ear hole. Gross. At a professional shop, " what we usually do is use 316 L surgical steel studs that are no porous, thus effectively allowing the piercing to heal properly before it can be changed to another jewelry", according to Vanessa Bathory, a professional piercer.

Did I convince you to go to a professional shop? Not every one will allow children, so I suggest you call ahead before heading over. Vanessa Bathory, a talented Lubbock piercer will pierce children's ears as young as 6- in a sterile shop environment using the sanitary techniques I mentioned above. To book an appointment, give her a call at (806) 441-5209 or visit her Facebook Page. No matter who you choose, be sure to check our their portfolio- which has visual proof of their ability.


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