Although there has been no offical announcement the internet is buzzing today saying that Simon and britney have finally struck a deal for her to appear as a judge on this years upcoming installment of X Factor. How much is Brit Brit worth? 15 million dollars for one season! In order to seal the deal, Simon offered her fiancé Jason Tarawick a job as a producer.

According to E! News, money was the "big sticking point," but both sides have agreed on that now, so they're just ironing out a few "smaller points.

One of the supposed hold-ups in getting Britney locked down is her conservatorship.  It prevents her from signing any documents on her own because she still isn't competent enough to oversee her own career. Even if Britney gets the gig, "X Factor" still needs another judge, and at least one host.

What do you think makes Britney a Judge of Talent? I mean really... It should be entertaining.



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