The drama surrounding Mike Leach and Texas Tech has been going on since December 2009, and seven years later there seems to be no end in sight.

Consultants and attorneys for the former Texas Tech coach are saying they will be filing a lawsuit against Texas Tech University due to withholding records related to Leach's firing.

From Dolcefino Consulting via Everything Lubbock:

There is growing evidence Texas Tech fired Coach Mike Leach without a promised investigation, manipulated the firing, and the sworn affidavits of employees.  An investigation by Dolcefino Consulting has already uncovered new questions about the preparation of sworn affidavits created after the firing to justify the action, a questionable pay day for former Chancellor Kent Hance, and documents showing Regents were kept in the dark about the depth of fan protest after the controversial firing.

Whether you believe Leach was wronged or not, I'm not sure what Leach really hopes to accomplish with this lawsuit, other than maybe a settlement (that Texas Tech will avoid at all costs). The school has already had one suit tossed due to Sovereign Immunity. What makes this suit any different in the end?

Does Texas Tech owe Leach? I will leave that up to you to decide. But in the end, taxpayer dollars and student tuition money will pay to defend yet another suit that will probably end poorly for one of the parties.

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