There are a lot of strange things that happen in Lubbock, but some things are definitely weirder than others.

Some things are uncontrollably strange like trampolines flying around town or prairie dogs living at the local Taco Bell. But other things are completely under someone’s control. Many times, they think they are being funny when they are really just being rude or obnoxious.

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A great example of this recently happened when someone decided to shoot a cat with a bow and arrow. The cat, referred to as Mittens in the original post about the incident on, was shot in her back left leg. She tried to escape under a garage door but was stuck due to the arrow in her leg.

There isn’t much information other than that in the post, but I assume the cat is alive and hopefully got treatment for the arrow wound. The original poster said the incident happened off of 58th street between University and Elgin, warning people in that area to keep an eye out for someone wielding a bow and arrow.

I was shocked when I read this, not understanding why someone would shoot a cat in the first place. Whether it is someone’s outdoor cat or a stray, it is not okay to shoot an animal like that. You aren’t in the forest hunting deer, you are in the middle of Lubbock, shooting a random cat on the street.

I can only imagine it was done by some irresponsible teenager that probably shouldn’t have a bow and arrow to begin with. I just hope they don’t target anymore animals in the area and that the poor cat is okay.

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