While we venture into the season of giving, don’t forget to give back to those in need. No matter what you are passionate about, if you are able to give back, it can change someone’s life for the better.

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One of my personal passions is animal rescue. So, I want to encourage any animal lovers out there to give back to the shelters and rescues in town that put so much time and effort into making sure local animals find good homes. There are several rescues here in town that would accept donations, and there are a few special events as well.

The Lubbock animal shelter is hosting their 5th annual Helping Paws event until this Friday, December 16th. There are several drop-off locations around town where you can donate supplies for pets that will be used at the shelter, or for humans that will be used to help Lubbock’s homeless population. They are accepting donations of dog/cat food, blankets, toys, treats, coats, sweaters, socks, and personal care items.

Another event happening Saturday, December 17th is The Haven’s Christmas for the Animals. They are accepting donations at the shelter and will have stockings you can fill with goodies for each animal. They are accepting anything from cat litter, trash bags, food, toys, beds, and more.

Last, but certainly not least, Saving Grace Pit Bull Rescue is currently selling calendars featuring their adorable and adoptable dogs. The money raised from these calendars goes to the animals to ensure the best quality of living during their time at the shelter.

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