The weather is cooling down here in the Hub City and being outdoors is becoming less and less torturous. As you head outside to hang out, here are some ways to make the most of your outdoor space.

Make the most out of your seating. Use benches and outdoor ottomans/foot rests that can serve as chairs as well.

Make it comfortable, outdoor cushions and pillows are key. If you worry about them getting dirty, take them inside when not being used. Pick a closet to store them in to avoid any red dirt ruining your outdoor décor.

Provide warmth. Fire pits, chiminea’s, and gas heaters are great but if you live in an apartment or cottage style condo, you may be restricted. Small space heaters with electric plugs instead of gas can be a great solution to make your outdoor space nice and cozy.

Go Green. Have at least one plant to really get the feel for being outdoors. This is especially important if you are on a balcony. Choose a plant that you know will survive the fall weather here in Lubbock, like certain types of ferns.

Light the way. Accent lighting can make your outdoor space shine at night. Try tube lighting around the space so that your overhead porch or balcony light won’t get in the way of your star gazing when the sun goes down.

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