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Tonight (September 1st, 2022) kicks off FMX concert season in earnest as In This Moment,  Nothing More, SLEEP TOKEN and The Cherry Bombs take the stage at Lubbock's Lone Star Event Center (602 E. 19th Street). I consider myself to be a seasoned Lubbock concert veteran, so I'd like to impart some friendly advice/reminders on how to get the most from your concert experience.

Have a Meet-up Spot for Your Crew

When you get to the venue, designate a unique, but not too densely crowded spot to meet up with your crew should you get separated.

Most venues don't allow re-entry, so the car you may have come in isn't the best choice. It's easy to lose track of people in a shifting crowd. Your friends won't be able to hear their phones until the end of the night, so having a meet-up spot can alleviate a lot of stress and wasted time.

Carpool If You Can

Carpooling is something you can do that benefits everyone else attending the show. The fewer the cars, the fewer the people who have to hoof it to get into the show, and the less of a drag it is to get out at the end of the night. And to that designated driver who lets the crew let loose, bless you, you're an angel. Buy that person a t-shirt.

If You Want Merch, Get It First

This seems counter-intuitive. Who wants to carry an extra shirt all night? You do, especially if you are a size outside of XL. Sizes and styles run out. If you really want it, get it before the music starts. I do take my chances and wait to buy prints or records because I don't want to damage them. I've been fairly lucky, but it's a risk every time.

Dress Sensibly

A feel like a total grandma saying this, but wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes. If the show might be cold, dress in layers because it will get hot from other people's bodies. And then you'll want your flannel or whatever when the breeze hits your sweat. That's the coldest feeling cold, in my opinion, after show cold. Brrrrr.

Be Prepared at the Entry Line

Remember to leave your pocket knife or wallet chain or whatever in the car. Have your ID and tickets ready. Be patient and cool and it'll go faster for everyone.

Set a Budget

I set a budget for my merch and my drinks. I usually drink less because I want more merch. And when I drink less, I generally have a better time. I get less cranky and dehydrated as the night goes on. Don't get me wrong -- if I'm not driving, I'll have a couple cocktails or beers over the night. But overdoing it is a waste of the concert experience. I want to remember everything. And please, remember to tip your bartender. That person is working their butt off.

Allow Yourself to Be Obnoxiously Excited

Before a show, I like to spend the whole day absolutely indulging on that performer's music. I'm a nerd, so I'm interested in set lists and guessing how the show might be different from other dates. If you don't like spoilers, don't do that part. But the point is this: I allow myself to get very hyped and in the concert zone, so to speak. Why are haunted houses fun? Because people allow themselves to be scared. Concerts are fun when people allow themselves to be totally stoked. Put your hands in the air. Participate. Put your phone in your pocket and be present. This is a beautiful and utterly human experience, soak it up.

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