The saga of bad Lubbock drivers is something that we talk about a lot here, and for good reason. While it can easily get old and you don’t need to be reminded of the person that definitely cut you off this morning, there is something that needs to be discussed.  

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While many parts of bad driving can be considered an ‘accident’, or is easy to look past, some things are completely unacceptable. The one I want to talk about today involves bad parking jobs.  

While I hate crooked parking, taking up more than one spot, and parking too close to the lines, those can be forgiven. One thing I can’t forgive are the selfish people that decide they are too important to find a parking spot further back, and instead park on the lines next to handicap parking spots.  

Photo by Robert Ruggiero on Unsplash
Photo by Robert Ruggiero on Unsplash

Not only is that area not a parking spot, there is a specific reason why that space is left there. You parking there actually completely ruins the functionality of handicap parking spots.  

In case you don’t know, the space next to a handicap spot marked with diagonal lines is there to make sure a wheelchair-accessible vehicle has the needed room to load and offload someone in a wheelchair. This space is needed for the ramp to lower properly so the person in the wheelchair has enough space to navigate and get out of the vehicle safely.  

When you park so badly that you are half in your spot and half on the lines, or you simply decide to make a new spot for yourself, you are taking away from another person’s accessibility and quality of life. Just because you don’t understand the point of something doesn’t mean that it is pointless.


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