Christmas is about a month away and the paychecks are not getting any bigger and the possibility of a Christmas bonus is slim to none. But your list of people to buy for is as long, if not longer than it ever has been, What do you do? Max the credit cards? Take out a 700% interest "payday loan"? No. Just remember it is the thought that counts...

Here are six cheap and easy way to cover everyone on your list"

  1. Dinner or dessert in a Jar. Take all the ingredients you need for Soup, Chili, Cornbread even brownies or cookies and layer them into a jar then attach a nice card and the instructions for prearranging.
  2. If your taking care of a youngster you can always find a huge number of coloring book pages on the web. Print off a bunch and make your own coloring books. A huge box of crayons, a hole punch and a little piece of ribbon and your set.
  3. Make a big batch of homemade cookies, brownies or even caramel apples Mmmmm. No one will be totally disappointed by a ton of Christmas treats.
  4. Buy a bunch of lottery scratch-offs, and keep your fingers crossed. I did this for my Dad one year and he won $500 bucks on a $3 ticket!
  5. You can always fill a jump stick or memory card up with some Christmas music and remember that a $10 iTunes card is always appreciated.
  6. Make a photo collage from their Instagram photos, or other photos they like.  You can do it online, and have them printed cheaply at a Walgreens.  Photo printing costs have gone way down since there's no real demand anymore.
  7. A helping hand is always appreciated so a homemade gift certificate for a night of babysitting of help taking down Christmas lights would be a huge for a busy family with little ones.

That is a good start for you and if you have any other ideas for us please comment and share. Happy Holidays...

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