This prop was stolen from Nightmare On 19th Street, we believe in the last two weeks.

We have miles of security footage to look through, but we wanted to reach out to the public as soon as possible on this. This ol' girl above had been refreshed and hanging in the Bee Room at Doll Island. We've had her many, many years and are kind of fond of her.

We're fairly sure at this point that she's hanging in someone's house, and we want her back before they get bored of her and dump her. She's definitely showing her age because I believe we've had her for about 10 years.

I hate to tell the jokester involved that due to the value of this prop and entry into the park, that you are 100 percent in the felony theft category (not to mention the damage to our landlord's property). Right now, with everything else going on, we don't want to spend countless hours going through video footage; we'd rather use those hours to continue building a new Nightmare On 19th Street attraction for 2021.

If this little lady is still in good shape, we're willing to offer a reward for her return. If you have any information on her whereabouts or found the prop abandoned somewhere, reach out here.

Here's another look:














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