For those of us who need a life soundtrack right now, I present to you Frozen 2. Disney blessed us with a three-month-early release of Frozen 2 last week and after seeing it a dozen times, it occurred to me, this movie is basically all of us right now.

Into the Unknown

Don’t know this song yet? Its catchy chorus will have you singing to yourself in no time. Every day we wake up, tune into the news to see what new restrictions are being put into place, and wonder what the heck we are going to do. Cue wildly appropriate song.

“Everyone I have ever loved is here within these walls.” This is about in-house quarantine, obviously.

“You’ve been keeping me awake, are you here to distract me so I make a big mistake?” Anyone else losing sleep over that little voice telling you to cash out your 401k?

“Into the unknown, into the unknown, into the unknown." Unprecedented times, people. Together we are all going into the unknown.

Lost in the Woods

Is it a song for all of the people trying to be socially distant and taking their families on a hike for the first time? It could be. It's much easier than people think and if you go in unprepared, you may find yourself singing this power ballad as loud as possible until someone finds you.

“Up is down, day is night.”

Could these lyrics be any more fitting for someone directionally challenged? Until we get the all-clear to be around each other again, some of us will literally be “lost in the woods.” Pack snacks. Check for ticks.

When I Am Older

In case this Frozen 2 post didn’t give it away, my kids are still pretty young. They aren’t totally sure about what is going on right now but are cool with just being home all the time. But it’s not lost on me that Olaf’s “When I’m Older” is probably the song every 'tween needs right now.

“This will all make sense when I am older, someday I will see that this makes sense. One day, when I'm old and wise, I'll think back and realize That these were all completely normal events."

Not that a pandemic is normal by any means, but the preventative measures taken that seem crazy now will make sense when you are older and this crisis is behind us.

The Next Right Thing

I won’t spoil the movie if haven't seen it yet, but Anna’s “The Next Right Thing” is not what you’d expect from a Disney flick.

“I’ve seen dark before, but not like this.” A lot of us have some PTSD from the market crash of 2008. This feels worse because it's unprecedented and no one is sure when it will end. Is it April, is it July?

“You are lost, hope is gone, but you must go on.” Restaurant workers and the event industry have had their lives turned upside down and are doing whatever they need to do to stay afloat right now.

"And, with it done, what comes then? When it's clear that everything will never be the same again. Then I'll make the choice to hear that voice and do the next right thing."

The headlines are covered in the quote “the right thing to do” right now. Providing meals for students who are food-insecure. Allowing seniors to shop in restricted hours to lessen anxiety. Teachers taking to social media to keep their kids engaged. Everyone is finding it in themselves to do the next right thing, and we’re getting through it together.

Now grab some of your quarantine snacks and get ready for family movie night, featuring Frozen 2. It's more relatable than you think.

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