If your a college student, and 21 or over, then you've probably heard of the "Broadway Shuffel." Broadway shuffle simply means bar hoping on Broadway St., right across from the Texas Tech seal off of University.

Most people usually start out at Chimy's first because they're the only ones on the street that close at midnight and they serve the best, as well as maybe the strongest margarita's around.

Once Chimys lets out, everyone disperses and most people either go to Mesquites right next door, or across the street to Crickets. Mesquites is known for their laid back atmosphere and a good bar staff with quick service. Mesquites back door leads right across the alley to Bar PM, a lower key bar that has a back room for live music and two fully stocked bars for speedy service. Crickets is lately known for their Monday night karaoke, and their backroom full of pool tables and shuffle boards. Their specialty though, is their vast array of draft beers.

There's also Rocky LaRues, down the street from Cricketts, which often has live music regularly, and doesn't usually get as crowded as the others. Around the corner from Rocky LaRues, on Mainstreet is Bash's. Bash's is known for their Monday night penny pints, a room for arcade games and pool tables and a third room for live music.

So if your new in town and want to know where all the college kids and older go for a a good time, hit up broadway!