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As a lover of pickles and museums, I was over the moon when I found out that my favorite Texas-based pickle brand has a museum in Fort Worth, Texas.

Best Maid got their start in 1926 not with pickles, but with pastries and mayonnaise. Mildred and Jessie Ottis Dalton were a husband and wife who sold their pastries out of a small grocery store in Fort Worth. Due to the amount of egg whites they were using to make those pastries, Mildred Dalton decided to use the leftover yolks to make mayonnaise to sell as well.

That mayonnaise soon became a best seller in that Fort Worth grocery store, so Mildred decided to make a sandwich spread using that mayonnaise, plus another key ingredient: pickle relish. That's what led Mildred to make her own pickles in order to avoid the high costs of pickles being sold by relish suppliers at the time.

This is how Best Maid Pickles came to be, and Texas couldn’t be happier about it.

Now the company has a large variety of pickle products. From baby dills to relish, Best Maid is a Texas staple. You can find most of their products in your local grocery stores, but did you know you can order them online, too? Best Maid offers all of their products ready to ship through online orders. So if a store isn’t carrying what you need, you can get it directly from the source.

If you're the ultimate Best Maid fan, you can visit their Pickle Emporium located in Fort Worth, Texas. It opened back in October 2020, but now that the pandemic isn't as bad as it was it might be the perfect time for a road trip. There you can learn more about the company with their visitor experience or shop for all the Best Maid merch your heart desires. Visit their official website for emporium hours and more information.

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