El Molino Tortillas (5404 4th Street) opened this past weekend (February 5th) to great success, selling out of their "chips, shells, tortillas, seasoning salt and sauces both Friday and Saturday," according to their Facebook post.

It always makes me happy to see a local business hit the ground running.

El Molino, like many other successful Lubbock businesses, is a vendor at the Wolfforth Farmers Market, which seems to be a genesis for small businesses. El Molino offers their restaurant-style corn tortilla chips, "Auntie's" queso, salsa, and seasoning salt, along with soft corn tortillas, chalupas, and two kinds of masa.

In addition to their brand, El Molino also offers other local favorites, including Kellie B Jammin', Pecan Ridge, and more:

Our new location at 5404 4th st is comprised of all local businesses. When you buy anything on our shelves, you can leave knowing you helped a small business.

Can't make it into their retail location or the farmers market? El Molino offers online ordering as well.

Remember that supporting small businesses is supporting your local economy, your neighbors and yourself. Money spent at a small business typically spends faster and more fluidly, making it vital to a vibrant local economy. That means your money has a much higher likelihood of coming back to you in some way.

Additionally, as Texans, we all know chips should be as fresh as possible, so of course, anything trucked in from out of town can't compete with locally-made chips.

For hours and more information, you can like El Molino Tortillas on Facebook.

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