Whether you love it or hate it, egg nog might be harder to find this year. Makers of eggnog seem to have underestimated the demand this year, and why is that?

Well, the explosion of hard nog’s might be to blame for that. And of course, when folks use eggnog for coffee and French toast batter, the demand begins to skyrocket.

This year, more than ever, eggnog flavorings are the ‘pumpkin spice’ of the Christmas season. Not to mention the retro feeling eggnog seems to bring.

Locally it is still possible to find egg nog, for now. So get out there and support your local dairy, and then to your local liquor store if you want to spice it up a bit.

Of course, if you don’t do dairy there is an almond milk egg nog, but why would you do that!

Have you had any problems finding this holiday staple? Let us know!