Because of last month's 5.8 magnitude earthquake on the East Coast, officials in D.C. still don't know when the Washington Monument will reopen. They originally said it cracked the top, but they didn't think the damage was that bad.

It turns out they found a bunch of debris on the ground around it, and the elevator can only go about halfway to the top right now. They say the monument is still structurally sound, and there's no risk of it falling down.

The National Park Service released a video yesterday taken during the earthquake by a security camera in the observation deck. It shows a lot  of shaking.

Then debris starts falling from the ceiling, and people run down the stairs. Here's how scared everyone was: When the shaking starts, there's a female security guard sitting in a chair, and instead of helping other people evacuate she's the second one out.

My chunky butt would be mowin down people to get out of there!


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