Rapper DMX is out of the doghouse, again. The embattled rapper was released from jail on Friday (Sept. 25).

The “Party Up” rhymer was sentenced back in July to serve six months for child support issues but was granted an early release. However, his legal struggles are far from over. According to TMZ, DMX is headed back to court to explain that he was never made aware that he owed child support to a baby mama in Buffalo, N.Y.

If the judge believes his story he won’t have to finish the rest of his sentence. At the time of his arrest, DMX reportedly owed over $400,000 of unpaid child support.

When he left the jail, DMX was greeted with open arms by friends and his attorney Dominic Candino. The 44-year-old rhymer even bummed a cigarette off the camera guy who was filming his release. X hasn't lost his charm.

Now that he’s freed, DMX is focusing on his music. The rapper is returning to the studio to record his new album.

Welcome home DMX!

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