DMX is still being dogged by money problems. The veteran hip-hopper is reportedly under a federal probe for failing to pay millions of dollars in taxes dating back over a decade.

DNAinfo New York reports that Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Internal Revenue Service are looking into Dark Man X’s financial history to see if he paid any taxes. An insider told the news website that DMX believed that his taxes were taken care of.

“DMX believed his taxes were all being paid, and is a victim,” said the source.

Although the former Ruff Ryders artist is crying victim, it may not help him in this case. If the 45-year-old rapper gets indicted on tax evasion charges he could face multiple years in prison.

DMX is not the only rapper who went to prison on for unpaid taxes. Fat Joe spent four months in prison for failing to pay over $700,000 in back taxes. "Don't trust guys in bow ties," warned Joe about shady accountants.

Also, Lauryn Hill went to prison for three months for failing to pay $1 million in taxes over the past decade.

So, Lesson of the Day: Uncle Sam does not play around.

Attorneys for DMX had no comment on the matter.

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