So if you don't know what a Dreamsicle is, then you have been living under a rock.

It is the best mix of orange and vanilla in ice cream form ever created!

The only reason we knew about this was because it was burried in a Dairy Queen Press Release:

This offer includes the NEW DQ orange, creamy and crunchy dreamsicle dip, or try the DQ classic chocolate dip.

If you need a better description of what this master creation is, here you go from Delish:

The Dreamsicle-Dipped Cone includes DQ's classic vanilla soft serve covered in a "vibrantly colored, creamy orange and vanilla flavored coating," a rep for the brand said. The specialty item has received so much praise that a number of locations have started selling a Dreamsicle version of the dilly bar. The outlet also reports additional stores will welcome the cone come May 1.

As of now, I have not seen this at any of our local DQ's but I would hope they will get on board so we can all enjoy this awesome treat!

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