When planning a wedding, there are sure to be a variety of stressors. There are always potential budget issues, difficulties making the perfect guest list, the anxiety of finding the perfect venue, and so much more.  

One thing that should never be a part of the stress is the person you are choosing to marry.  

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If there is anything that you should be 100% certain of, without a doubt in your mind, it should be your future spouse. Sure, there might be a couple of disagreements in the wedding planning process, but overall, the best part of the whole event should be the fact you are marrying the love of your life. 

One soon-to-be-bride took to a popular wedding Facebook group to share her current ‘cold feet’ experience. However, what she explains feels more like a doomed relationship than just cold feet.  

She starts by explaining how they are 25 days out from their big day and her partner hasn’t helped out at all during the planning process, even forgetting important details like who his own best man is. She then acknowledges that he is very caring, cooking and doing most of the chores around the house, but then she throws in a wild card.  

During the entire 7-year span of their relationship, she has never found him attractive... 

She also adds that the way she’s been comforting herself throughout this process is by telling herself she can “always get a divorce.” 

After seeing this post, the overall consensus in the comments is that the wedding should at least be delayed if not completely canceled. Others chinned in saying the bride is just letting the nerves get to her, and if he is as caring as she says, everything should hopefully work out in the end. 

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