Did you miss seeing any recent Marvel movie in the theater? Do you want a refresher before Thor: Ragnarok hits Nov. 3? Do you just really love the action, excitement and thrill that is seeing a Marvel film on the big screen? Then I've got fantastic news for you.

Cinemark's Lubbock theaters (Tinseltown & Movies 16) will be screening 11 different Marvel films, each with multiple viewing times, from August 25th-31st. Ironman, Avengers, Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr. Strange, Ant-Man, and Captain America: The First Avenger are all of the list, plus more.

The best part? The films are an absolute bargain at $5 each, with concession deals as well: $2 large sodas, $2 hot dogs, $3 large popcorn and more.

Start personalizing your marathon by checking out the dates and times of your favorite Marvel movie (which is obviously Guardians of the Galaxy) at the official website.

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