All she wants to do is rock your body! A new Christina Aguilera song has leaked, and it’s called ‘Your Body.’ We’ve heard the demo form and a snippet of a remixed version and they sound like two totally different songs, since that’s what happens during the many phases in which a song is produced.

Here’s the verdict and the breakdown of the tune. The song opens with Xtina asserting, “I came here tonight / To get s— out of my mind.” That’s some declaration! She also sings about tonight being your lucky night and rocking your body, so lookout boys! Xtina is on the prowl.

It’s a dance song, and it makes use of Xtina’s come hell or high water voice, something that 2010′s sank-like-a-stone ‘Bionic’ didn’t and is likely why it went nowhere, fast. But on first few listens, it still feels like Xtina is trying too hard to be like her fellow larger-than-life blonde, aka Lady Gaga.

The song’s exoskeleton makes it sound like something Katy Perry could or would sing, since here, it’s not challenging Xtina’s range. She’s closer to Mariah than she is to Katy, but she’s aligning herself on the lower end of that skill set. (No disrespect to Katy, but she’s not a belter.) She should be sticking to songs where her voice is the focal point, as opposed to triggered music. There’s some layers, but the mix doesn’t push Xtina forward. Since this is reportedly just the demo, there’s lots of tweaks that can be done in post-production that could bring her forward and that could remedy all our little complaints.

We then heard a remix, which you can listen to below, which has lots of production magic worked on it. It’s a small snippet of the song, but it feels like a bursting club banger on par with J. Lo or Kesha, in terms of the synths. We wonder if Xtina’s voice is going to get swallowed by all that digital manipulation. We want something with a little more soul. But before we render a verdict, we’ll wait for the official song to drop. We’re patient.

** The remix of Christina Aguilera, ‘Your Body’ was taken down

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