Cher issued a few more informative yet poorly worded tweets about her upcoming album. The other day, the diva of all divas hinted that her duet with Lady Gaga, dubbed ‘The Greatest Thing,’ would drop in October, with the album landing at retail around the holidays. Now she has revealed that she is working with Pink and Timbaland on the album.

Look at Cher, all kinds of modern and hip, and not just because she embraces the digital age and tweets. She has selected only the hottest of the hot to assist her in her latest disc. Nice strategy, Cher!

Below is Cher’s tweet about working with Tim and with Pink. She sounds hard at work on the new platter and with all these A-list helpers, we’re thinking the new album could be one of the best of Cher’s career — and that’s saying something, since her career has been quite a storied one so far.

Check out Cher’s poorly punctuated tweet below!

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